JD Small Engine                                      Roslindale, Ma
JD Small Engine services and repairs all residential snow blowers from September to April. 

We offer quick turn around & local pick up and delivery

Local pick up and delivery is $20.00 each way ($40.00 Total)

Equipment drop offs are by Appointment Only

Snow Blower Tune Ups are $150.00 + Parts

A Snow Blower tune up consists of :

Oil Change
New Spark Plug
Lube Front Auger Assembly & Chute Assembly
Replace Shear Pins (if needed)
Lube Transmission Assembly
Inflate Tires to Proper Pressure
Grease Axles,Handles, and Controls
Carburetor Cleaning and Rebuild (if needed)
Fuel Tank Flush (if needed)
1/2 Tank of Fresh Stabilized Fuel 
Adjust Cables as needed
Adjust Skids (if equipped)
​Check Belts

JD Small Engine only recommends buying equipment from reputable small engine shops over the "big box stores."  
phone 617-615-9777
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